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Efficient and Responsible Cargo Handling

Ship your cargo using a dependable service from professionals at Specialty Cargo Transport LLC. We offer worldwide shipping by air, sea, truck, and train, all provided cost effectively. Request a quote from us today for shipping your cargo internationally for less!

Affordable & Hassle-Free Shipping

Transporting your cargo from any location to another can be costly and time consuming. At Specialty Cargo Transport LLC, we make the process easy with cost attractive pricing. We handle every part of the transaction, which includes, but is not limited to:

Coordination, Documentation, Custom Clearings, and Delivery

We do it all for you!

International Shipping Made Easy

Our services are convenient for worldwide shipping needs. When you want to send a sizable load to another country, we can do that for you, all at price you can afford. Just contact us to discuss your needs and we'll make all the necessary arrangements for your overseas shipment.